Course Fees

Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship  $15
Culinary Arts - Prostart $60 (consumables, supplies, uniform, technology)
Culinary Arts - Baking  & Pastry $60 (consumables, supplies, uniform, technology) 
Computer Science - Cyber Security $20 (consumable supplies,  printing, technology)
Computer Science - Adv. Game Design $20 (consumable supplies, printing, technology)
Computer Science - Web Design $20 (consumable supplies and technology)
Digital Media - Audio Production $30 (consumable supplies, storage media, technology)
Digital Media - Graphic Design $30 (consumables, printing supplies, technology)
Digital Media - Video Production $30 (consumables, technology)
Medical Assisting $120 (lab fees, scrub top, drug screening)
Pharmacy Tech - $160 (lab fees, scrub top, drug screening)
Unmanned aerials (Drones) - $20 (consumables, printing, technology)

Some courses have fees that paid to outside sources including: CE college registration, Licensing, Finger printing, etc. additional fees will be disclosed on the teacher's course syllabus.