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catalyst center LEA Specific Licenses 2021-2022

This school employs individuals holding educator licenses in the following percentages:

  • Professional (Percentage of Educators Fully Qualified) - 43.2%
  • Associate (Percentages of Educators Partially Qualified) - 29.5%
  • LEA Specific (Percentage of Educators not Qualified) - 27.4%
  • FTE - 7.3

Date - March 4, 2022. Changes in CACTUS after this date are not included.

Percentage of Educators Fully Qualified (Professional) - Percentage of the FTE that is fully qualified for their assignment.  Fully qualified means the educator has a current professional license and professional license areas and endorsements for their assignments.

Percentages of Educators Partially Qualified (Associate) - Percentage of FTE that is partially qualified for their assignment.  Partially Qualified means the educator has an associate license/license area or endorsement in their assignment.  This includes professionally licensed educators who have received associate level license area/endorsements. 

Percentage of Educators not Qualified (LEA Specific) - Percentage of FTE that is not qualified for their assignment.  This includes educators without a current license, educators teaching on an LEA specific or a professional or associate educator teaching outside their area.  All LEA specific licenses fall into this category.  

FTE - Total Full time Equivalency (FTE) assigned to each school or to the LEA as of date of the data being pulled

Davis School District Policy 2HR-001 5.4 states:
5.4.1. Those applying for a teaching position in Davis School District shall:
  [a] show evidence they will possess a professional license applicable to the position by the effective date of their assignment; or
  [b] otherwise meet the eligibility requirements for a temporary teaching credential established by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE).
5.4.2. Candidates without appropriate teaching credentials may be offered employment contingent upon being approved for a LEA-specific license. Recommendations for a LEA-specific license may be based on:
  [a] limited availability of qualified candidates;
  [b] completion of formal education and/or earned professional credential related to the teaching assignment; and
  [c] practical career experience.
5.4.3. Educators employed with a LEA-specific license shall receive educator training and support in accordance with training requirements outlined in Utah Administrative Rule R277-301; and in alignment with the Utah Effective Teaching Standards described in Utah Administrative Rule R277-530.
5.4.4. LEA-specific licenses, including LEA-specific endorsements, issued upon recommendation of the District will be subject to compliance with all requirements of Utah Administrative Rule R277-301.