Jason Knoell - Audio Production

Jason has loved music from a young age and always wanted it to be a part of his life-long endeavors. However, he never felt like he had quite what was needed to be a full-time musician. The day he discovered that musicians NEED engineers to share their sound in the best way possible is the day everything clicked together for Jason.

Since then, Jason has thrown himself into learning and training to know everything he can about audio, not only to make sure he presents artists at their peak sound, but because he is truly fascinated with this technical side of music. He studied at Utah Valley University and gained his Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Media with an emphasis in Audio Production in 2017. During his career, Jason has worked with many  industry professionals such as Leslie Ann Jones (Director of Music and Scoring at Skywalker Sound) and John Krivit (Past President of the Audio Engineering Society). He has also recorded, produced and/or run live sound for hundreds of local and nationally recognized touring bands at just about every venue and studio in the state. He continues to grow his network connections as a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Educational Committee.

It was a perfect fit when he began teaching audio to students. Now he no longer accidentally holds his friends captive by droning on and on about audio—he shares and passes on his love for the trade to kindred spirits who can relate to Jason first hand. Jason is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Catalyst, giving students incredible opportunities and real-world foundations in the audio industry. Jason cannot wait to train his students to become the next generation of audio engineers.

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email: jknoell@dsdmail.net

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