Computer Science

Computer Science

Our daily lives are changing rapidly, and the world is becoming more and more dependent on computers and computing systems. According to the US Department of Labor Statistics there are currently 314,000 unfilled cybersecurity and 1.4 million Software Engineer (programming) positions in the United States. Those positions are not filled simply because there are not enough qualified professionals to fill them. At the Catalyst Center we are doing everything we can to help rectify that situation. Student professionals will focus on gaining the technical and professional skills they will need to jumpstart their career in the IT industry. They will have the opportunity to work on real world projects with real clients and small businesses in our community. Student professionals will transition into an IT position directly out of high school and start their professional career as early as possible with a boosted resume and portfolio.

Advanced Programming/Game Design

Advanced Game Design runs concurrently with Advanced Computer Programming. The Catalyst Center has partnered with Unreal and Epic Games to use Unreal Engine as our game development platform. Student professionals will learn to use Unreal Engine and program in C++. Some student professionals will gravitate more toward the gaming side and some toward the programming side; both are more than welcome in this section at the Catalyst. Concepts covered will be 2D/3D Game Design, AGILE/Scrum, object-oriented programming, the game production cycle, and the business side of moving a completed project to a digital market.

This course will allow students to take the Microsoft MTA programming certification in C++ as well as the Unreal certification test once it is available from Epic.

Prerequisite one of the following is required: Game Development 1 (CE Preferred) or Computer Programming 1 
having both is highly recommended


The Catalyst Cybersecurity program provides an exciting opportunity for student professionals in the world of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. A challenging world with high demand. Students will be introduced to computer maintenance, computer networking, and security awareness. Student professionals will travel out into the community to work with local small businesses performing security audits to assist them in hardening their physical and IT security systems. Student professionals will practice installing basic server components, networking devices, and institute physical and digital security protocols. Other concepts will include identifying threats, cryptography, network security, and ethical hacking with Kali Linux.

The course content is based on and can lead to the CompTIA Security+ certification.

Prerequisite one of the following is required: Computer programing, CE/AP Computer Science Principles, Computer Science Principles

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