Pilot and Aviation

Pilot & Aviation

Since 2017, the Private Pilot course has moved from high school to high school each school year. In January 2022, the Davis Catalyst, a career & technical education magnet school, opened its doors to high students in Davis School District. Due to our centralized location in Kaysville and the busing we provide to and from each high school, it was recently decided to host the Private Pilot course at the Catalyst moving forward.

The benefit of offering the Private Pilot course at our location is we plan to bolster the program and offer additional courses in the Pilot & Aviation pathway. In addition, we received a grant from the state to purchase 10 flight simulators for students to practice their skills here at the Catalyst, beginning this fall. Lastly, we are offering CE (concurrent enrollment college credit) through Utah State University.

As you anticipate taking this course, here are some important things to consider:

  • The class is taught by an employee of Cornerstone Aviation. A fee of $350 is required to take this “ground school” training course. This is not a school or school district fee. Paying for ground school outside of this course would typically cost double that amount. The fee goes to Cornerstone Aviation as part of the student’s ground school training.
  • This course is designed so that a student may be able to fully complete the “ground school” certification portion of their private pilot’s license.
  • The completed ground school certificate a student earns through the Davis Catalyst Center is good for 2 years. Students wishing to earn their private pilot’s license will need to complete all of their flight hours outside of school within 2 years of earning that certificate.
  • Students start in the first semester with the Private Pilot & Air Transportation course. For those who want to continue with the Pilot & Aviation pathway, they will have the opportunity to continue into a second semester by taking Aviation Weather & Aircraft Systems (one of which should have CE credit).
  • During class time, students will sometimes be using a flight simulator as a pilot or co-pilot, on one of 10 new flight simulators in order to practice and apply what they are learning in the ground school course.
  • Like all Catalyst courses, the periods are double-blocked, with this course being offered mornings only (periods 1 & 2 on A Days or periods 5 & 6 on B Days).
  • Buses are provided to and from your home high school to the Catalyst.

*There are no required pre-requisites for the Pilot & Aviation pathway.